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Seoul Intl. Forum on Air Quality Improvement

EACAC supports the Seoul Metropolitan Government organizing the annual forum on air quality improvement to facilitate knowledge and experience exchange, and networking.

❙  2019 Forum Report  22▸23 SEP

❙  2018 Forum Report   4▸5 SEP

❙  2017 Forum Report  1▸2 JUN

❙  2016 Forum Report 19▸20 MAY


Beijing Intl. Forum for Metropolitan Clean Air Actions

EACAC supports the Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau coordinating the annual forum for metropolises around the world to exchange their insights and actions for clean air.


❙  2019 Forum  22▸23 SEP

❙  2018 Forum 4▸5 SEP




Training Workshop

EACAC hosts thematic training workshops for its member cities. Topics covered include waste management, energy transition, and transport management.

❙  2017 EACAC Workshop 31 MAY

❙  2016 EACAC Workshop 20 MAY

ICLEI X SHRDC Training Program

Since 2016, ICLEI has been co-organizing annual training activities with the Seoul Human Resources Development Center to provide opportunities for local governments in Asia to enhance cooperation and exchange best practices with peer cities - including Seoul - on climate change policies and sustainable development. Topics covered include air quality management, energy transition, waste management, and pedestrian-friendly city. 

❙  2019 Training II  1▸8 SEP

❙  2019 Training I  19▸23 MAY

❙  2018 Training  24▸28 NOV

❙  2017 Training  24▸28 NOV

❙  2016 Training  24▸28 NOV

City Peer Learning on Air Quality Management

​Officials from 3 EACAC cities of Beijing, Guiyang, and Shenzhen, and representatives from 6 other Chinese local governments visited Tokyo and its neighboring city Kawasaki for technical exchange on air quality management.


❙  2017 Study Tour to Japan  11▸15 SEP




Green Lung Project

Recognizing the strong need of active citizen participation in the public movement of increased green space for better air quality and living condition in Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian Ministry of Environment and Innovation and the Business Development Center of the Mongolia University of Life Sciences jointly conducted the Project in 2017-2019, with seed funding from EACAC.


❙  Executive Summary of Final Project Report  


Beijing Air Quality Management Case Study

EACAC is supporting the Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau to develop a case study on the city's air quality management, and a comparative case study of five international regions -- California, New York, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo -- as the benchmark.

Integrating SLCP Reductions into Policies and Practices in Cities in Asia

Jointly conducted by EACAC, the Climate & Clean Air Coalition, Clean Air Asia, and IGES, the project will assess the needs of cities in integrating SLCP reductions into policy and practice, and develop a training curriculum to support the integration by working with three pilot cities in Asia.



Asian Cities and Clean Air Action Plans

ICLEI East Asia participated in the publication work of em • The Magazine for Environmental Managers • A&WMA • January 2018 as one of the content contributors.


❙  Download the Publication

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