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Metropolises met in Beijing for clean air actions

Following the 7th Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement hosted in Seoul earlier this month, ICLEI East Asia was invited to attend the Beijing International Forum Metropolitan Clean Air Actions organized by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on 8-9 June, 2017.

Source: Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau

Air quality management officials and experts from metropolises worldwide, including California, London, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Seoul, and Tokyo joined the forum to share their experiences, lessons and technology application on air pollution control. Among these cities, five are ICLEI Members.

Various topics were covered in the main forum on 8 June, with city representatives showcasing their latest work and achievement on air quality management. Some of the topics that received wide attention include ultra-low emission zones, congestion pricing and renewable energy adoption.

On 9 June, specialist from Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection and international counterparts had an in-depth discussion over the diversified use of monitoring technologies and data on air quality management.

Beijing city will further consolidate the presentations and discussions into holistic reports, which will be a fruitful reference for the city’s strategic planning on air quality management.

Source: Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau

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