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Strengthening cooperation on air quality improvement between Beijing and Seoul

ICLEI East Asia was invited to attend the Beijing-Seoul Joint Committee Environmental Group Meeting.

As the Secretariat of East Asia Clean Air Cities (EACAC) Program, ICLEI East Asia Secretariat (EAS) was invited to attend the Beijing-Seoul Joint Committee Environmental Group Meeting at Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) on 31 March 2017.

The meeting was hosted by Ruixian Wang, Deputy Director General of Beijing EPB; the Beijing representatives were chaired by Tian Chen, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Beijing EPB, while Seoul delegation was led by Boyoun Hwang, Assistant Mayor of Seoul. The two cities discussed cooperation initiatives on air quality status, policies and measures; and warmly invited each other to participate in their air quality events, which included the 2017 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement Seoul is hosting on 1-2 June. In strengthening the understanding and cooperation between Seoul and Chinese partners in the field of air quality, EAS also organized a joint strategic meeting with Seoul delegation and EACAC Chinese partners. EACAC activity updates were provided during the meeting, allowing partners to synergize their works on air quality with the program. Representatives from the Clean Air Alliance of China, Energy Foundation China, Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, WWF China, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seoul Research Institute of Public Health and Environment all actively participated in the meeting.

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