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ICLEI promotes city-to-city cooperation at 2016 Northeast Asian International Forum on Air Quality I

Convening local government leaders of cities from China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia, the East Asia Clean Air Cities (EACAC) Session organized by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) East Asia Secretariat and Seoul Metropolitan Government will be held in Seoul City Hall on 19 May as part of the 2016 Northeast Asian International Forum on Air Quality Improvement.

The EACAC is a new initiative by ICLEI East Asia Secretariat and partners to support East Asian cities to accelerate local actions against air pollution through regional multilateral cooperation. With participating cities and international partners of EACAC, the EACAC session will focus on innovative solutions and city-to-city cooperation. The presentations will allow participants to exchange experience, approaches and strategies on addressing air pollution in the East Asian region.

Participating cities of the EACAC program will express their commitment to make concrete actions to improve air quality by joining EACAC at the closing session. The nine participating cities include Beijing City, Guiyang City, Shenzhen City, Sichuan Province (China), Kitakyushu City, Tokyo City (Japan), Seoul City (Korea) and Ulaanbaatar City (Mongolia). Jinan City (China) cannot attend the session but will also participate in the EACAC program.

As the secretariat of the EACAC program, ICLEI East Asia Secretariat will bridge cities with partners and solution providers who have the knowledge, expertise and policy tools to meet the needs of local governments in enhancing air quality.

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